How do I use your service?
To start using our service, you need to:

1. Register an account with us by clicking here. After registration, you will receive your own personal US shipping address. This address is where you will instruct your vendors to ship your packages to.

2. Next, "open" a shipping box by clicking here and filling in the Shipping Box Order Form.

3. You will then receive a confirmation email regarding your box order and instructions for payment. Ordered boxes must be paid for before you can begin shipping packages to your US address.

4. After payment you will receive a Box Order Number, this confirms that you have an open box with us and that we are ready to start receiving your packages. Do not ship packages to your US address without a Box Order Number, otherwise they might get lost or misplaced.
Do I have to provide my own box?
eBILIonline will provide you with one of our sturdily constructed shipping boxes, free of charge, with every order.
How long will you hold my box before shipping?
Boxes can be left "open" in our office to receive packages for a maximum of 1 month after payment. After that, we will ship the box to your Philippines address regardless of whether its full or not.
ePABILI Service Now Available
Want to use our service but don't have a US credit card or paypal account? Our ePABILI shopping service takes care of that problem for you. Simply send us the link of the item you wish to purchase and we'll take care of the rest.

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eTINGI Service Now Available
Because you asked for it, we are now offering reduced shipping costs for single packages with a total volume of less than 1000 inches. (L x W x H)

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eSADYA Custom Shipping
The eSADYA service is a customized shipping service that ships large or irregularly sized items such as LCD TV’s, medium to large Home Appliances, Car Parts, Martial Arts Supplies, etc. The eSADYA service provides customized quotes per shipment and is available by request.

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