*Due to recent price increases, there will be an additional $10 charge to cover the cost of the shipping box

  • Please enter your name exactly as you did when you filled up the Customer Information form

  • Please enter either the landline number or cellphone used at the time of registration.

  • Leave blank if you wish to use the same email address used at the time of registration. All email updates and confirmation will be sent to this address.

  • Leave blank if shipping to the same address used at the time of registration. This is where your box will be shipped.

  • Box Instructions

    This is where you will indicate your Box preference and handling instructions.

  • If unsure place "open" in the text field below. Please note that we will hold your box open only for a maximum of 1 month, after that we will ship your box regardless if its full or not.

  • Select "Ship immediately" if you want us to ship as soon as the last package arrives.

  • All box dimensions are indicated in inches.

  • By default we will place all your packages unopened inside your box as it was shipped by your shipper. Select "Yes" if you want us to open your package and optimize the placement of your items inside your box. There will be an additional $25/BOX charge for this service.

  • All payments must be in USD. If you want to pay in peso, we can convert your currency at the prevailing airline rate.

ePABILI Service Now Available
Want to use our service but don't have a US credit card or paypal account? Our ePABILI shopping service takes care of that problem for you. Simply send us the link of the item you wish to purchase and we'll take care of the rest.

Learn more

eTINGI Service Now Available
Because you asked for it, we are now offering reduced shipping costs for single packages with a total volume of less than 1000 inches. (L x W x H)

Learn more

eSADYA Custom Shipping
The eSADYA service is a customized shipping service that ships large or irregularly sized items such as LCD TV’s, medium to large Home Appliances, Car Parts, Martial Arts Supplies, etc. The eSADYA service provides customized quotes per shipment and is available by request.

Learn more